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Cities Housing Infrastructure Development

Solving the Complexities of New City, Charter City or Urban Growth

T-Minus Internal Department of City Planning is Committed to Your City Development Project

The staff in the Department of City Planning is here to make the housing component of your community development project the best place to live because we believe it can be. Our agenda is to deliver exceptionally-designed public spaces, and neighborhood citizenship, while adhering to zoning code specifications, and to provide the customer experiences envisioned through the framework of your City Design.

Our Purpose Commitment

Our purpose is to work with you to articulate a vision that residents can engage with, fall in love with, and make better decisions about. These decisions will then be reflected in the plans, policies, and investments your city makes, to guide growth and transformative spaces for the 21st century.

Our Core Functions

Our department firstly consults on housing elements that guides growth and development through effective, customer-focused urban design; plan review and permitting; code compliance; community and economic development; and policy regarding housing and the environment. We work closely with residents, businesses, the private sector, and independent community organizations to further the values of your City Design: Equity, Progress, Ambition, Access, and Nature.

Power in Numbers


Global Cities, Inc., a Program of Bloomberg Philanthropies, is a nonprofit dedicated to connecting cities around the world


60% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by the end of 2030


Charter Cities Institute's coalition of 15+ is getting charter cities legislation, financed and built

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